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Installing wine walls is a stunning way to add character to your living space. Not only is it a proper place to age your wine collection, but you can also do it while keeping it in your sight.

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What Is a Wine Wall?

Modern times call for modern storage choices. As the name suggests, wine walls are the type of cellars that are installed on a wall in your hotel or house. This wall can become a gorgeous backdrop to a relaxing space, such as your living room or a restaurant at your hotel.
Choosing the size and design of the wall is completely up to you. You can also get one custom-made for your measurements. Add some spotlights to make the overall look chic and trendy.
To make the storage space more sleek and luxurious, we suggest you go for a glass door. This way all your wine collection will be visible and will catch everyone’s eye. Keeping in mind the purpose of the wine wall, here are some suggestions to ensure your wine stays good for a long while.
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How Do I Regulate the Temperature in a Wine Wall?

Wine walls have their own cooling systems. Selecting the optimum levels of humidity and warmth can only be done after carefully evaluating the types of wines that have to be stored.
Even though the ideal temperature is said to be 12̊C, not all red and white wines can age at the same degree. To improve your wines over time, and safely store them for the right occasion, it is essential to select the right temperature as well. Our professionals are trained to set up custom wine walls and cooling systems for you, saving you a lot of hassle.

Wine Room vs. Wine Walls

Wine rooms and wine walls both serve the purpose of wine storage. However, you need to evaluate your needs and expectations before making the final call.
The most important concern has to be the space available. Can you designate a room at your hotel or house just for wine storage? Are you a collector or just an amateur drinker? If you have ample floor space and are a wine enthusiast, we would recommend that you opt for a wine room. Wine rooms are relatively easier to maintain and you have a separate room to impress and entertain your guests.
However, if you are short on space, you can opt for a wine wall instead. These walls can drastically elevate the look of your living room, kitchen, or wherever they are placed.
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If you would like to keep the climate of your wine collection controlled while creating that modern look for your wine wall, you have to give us a call. With our unparalleled experience in custom wine walls, we will customise your wine storage space exactly the way you want.