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Have you ever watched a movie and noticed a room filled with wine bottles just as it is in a bar? These spectacular rooms are called wine rooms.

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What Is A Wine Room?

A wine room is a designated room in your house to store your entire wine collection. Wine rooms are temperature-controlled and designed to safely store your wine bottles.

These types of wine cellars are frequently complemented with a tasting table. You can invite your friends or family over to show off your entire wine collection or just take a break from your daily chores to relax in the wine room; have an authentic bar-like experience anytime, any day in your own house.

Keeping in mind that while this may be a normal-sized room or smaller, it can still easily store all your collection. With ample storage space, your wine can easily improve overtime under the optimum humidity and temperature levels.
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Benefits of a Wine Room

A wine room is the most customisable yet classy way to store your wine. Wonder why? Read along.
  1. They add a vintage look to your living space. Giving your space an extra edge and a richer vibe.
  2. These wine cellars make a statement about your collection. Displaying you as a wine enthusiast to all your guests.
  3. Having a wine room in your house improves the overall property value. Pro-tip; add a glass door to the room, making it the focal point for everyone who visits.
  4. The best part is, you can choose the design and interiors according to your needs and available space.
  5. You can even build one underground. If you are short on space, but still want to have a separate room for your wine collection, we suggest you build an underground wine room.

What Is the Ideal Temperature in a Wine Room?

The purpose of a wine room is to store and safeguard your wine. But there are certain factors you should consider:
  • Keep in mind that all wines have a unique composition; hence, each may require a different temperature and humidity level.
  • The area of your wine room should also be considered. An underground one would require the temperature to be different as compared to the one built on or above the ground level.
The professional wine cellars have cooling systems that help maintain the temperature between 55 and 57̊ F or 11 and 12̊ C. Having the right level of humidity is also important for the wine to improve over time. Ideally, it has to be somewhere between 50% and 80% depending on the quality and composition of your wine collection.
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Why Call Us?

Wine rooms are a big investment. To help you make the right choice, our team of wine experts is here to solve all your wine storage troubles.
We will assist you in selecting and designing the best interiors for your wine room with the most suitable cooling system for your wine to age and keep tasting great.