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Elevate your wine storage with a spiral wine cellar. It takes up less space, but holds more wine bottles than a wall ever can.
By definition, spiral wine cellars are vertical, cylindrical-shaped, concrete wine cellars, ready for installation in your space. Selecting the top is your choice; go for a glass top if that compliments your floorboard.

What’s New?

Spiral wine cellars are underground. These concrete cellars can be fitted into a dug-in in your kitchen or anywhere you want them to be. Whether you are a wine collector or an old wine buff, spiral wine cellar is the right choice to store all your favourite wines.

These wine cellars can be easily customised to suit your space. Want it brighter? Add LED lights. Want to store more bottles? Adjust the height of the shelves in the cellar. You can even add bottle bins if you feel the need.
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How Is It Better Than the Wine Room?

Wine rooms take up a lot of space. Living in the modern era, having space-saving storage options is the key. Spiral wine cellars are underground, taking up little or no floor space in your home.

Spiral wine cellar is the perfect place to age your wine – knowing that the wine is just grape cured with a couple of other things; giving it space to ferment more can give depth to the wine’s taste.

How Is It Better Than a Wine Wall?

Designating a wall in your living room or kitchen to showcase your wine collection can sound like an unpleasant idea to some homeowners. If so, then installing spiral wine cellars will be a good idea for you. Having it underground eliminates any changes you might have to make for a wine wall too.
Wine walls may store more wine bottles from your collection, but that completely depends on the measurements of the wall available. Renovating and changing the setting of your living space is also a task when you are a wall short. Spiral wine cellars are the latest trends and can fit anywhere regardless of the floor space available.
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Why Should I Opt For It?

Wine cellars add a ‘wow’ factor to your living space. With its cooling mechanism, it maintains the climate inside the cellar and you can stop worrying about your wine going bad.
Being underground, these spiral wine cellars do not take up a lot of space. All the added space to store the wine bottles allows you to save the right one for the occasion, rather than using the most expensive one on a daily basis just because you got to use it before the wine loses its taste.
A spiral wine cellar can hold up to 2,000 bottles and takes, to be specific, not more than 9 days to install. You can always ring us up to help you in selecting and installing your spiral wine cellars.

Why Call Us?

Spiral cellars are relatively newer in the market and tend to be tricky to handle for a layperson. Our team of wine cellar specialists has great exposure to all kinds of wine cellars – making them the perfect choice for you to rely on. We will take care of everything from installing your spiral cellars to setting up the appropriate levels of humidity and warmth for your wine collection.
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