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Over the past year, we have learned to keep our stocks full at all times. With this uncertainty around, you should also keep your wine collection up to date and stored properly to prevent it from going bad. Installing a custom wine cellar or a wine room in your place is the only way to go about it.

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Why Need a Wine Cellar?

Wondering why a custom wine cellar should be used to store your wine and not an ordinary fridge? Well, that is because storing wine needs a certain control over the temperature it is stored in. The temperature and the humidity levels have to be maintained precisely to help your wine stay fresh and age well over time.

Custom wine cellars and wine rooms have been used as storage for centuries. With today’s cutting-edge technology and advanced cooling systems, things have become pretty easy and convenient. Ageing wine and storing has now become pretty straightforward and trouble-free.

Investing in a high-tech wine room that too is custom-made for the space available at your residence is the best thing you can do for your wine collection.
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Wine Cellars

How Is A Wine Cellar Useful?

Having a custom wine cellar at home is the right way to safeguard your wine for the perfect occasion. Wine cellars preserve your drinks by providing them with a dark, consistent environment. We suggest you invest in a custom wine cellar today for these five reasons.

An Organised Collection

Having a cellar can help you organise your wine collection optimally. Once you know your stock inside-out, you can restock accordingly. For instance, if you are short of high-quality, expensive wine, your next purchase is already sorted.

Having them well-arranged will also help you find the right one for each day and at hand instantly for a celebration or your daily cravings.

Improved Taste

Once you have a custom wine cellar in place, you can easily store your wine and let it age over time. It can be a good investment idea. Once your wine has aged, you can either enjoy it yourself or resell it at a profit.

Value Addition

Custom wine cellars not only elevate the look of your house or hotel but also increase the resale value of the property. They give your space a luxurious and modern look alongside enhancing your image as an interior-loving, wine enthusiast.
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Once you own a wine room yourself, you can learn so much about wine and all the interesting properties of wine selection. Knowing the wine and its optimal storage conditions will help you select and stock your future bottles easily.


Custom wine cellars and wine rooms are not only for the rich. However, having one does give you an edge over others. Once all your friends and family know about your cellar space, you can start expecting wine bottles as gifts. Even better, you could grab the bottles at a reasonable price, store them in your cellar and gift them to your friends and family on special occasions.

How Do I Choose the Best One?

Today, we have a wide range of wine cellars for you to choose from. Depending on your vibe, you can go with either a traditional, modern or transitional one. You can choose from wine rooms, wine walls or a spiral wine cellar according to your needs, tastes and preferences.
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Wine Rooms

If you live in a big mansion or are looking for a cellar in your hotel, or even if you are a wine collector, we suggest that you designate a room in your house for storing and tasting wine. Wine rooms provide you with a complete in-house bar experience, with high stools and a table for you to enjoy your wine in peace.

Either on the ground or underground, wine rooms create their unique aesthetic vibe.

Wine Walls

If you are not a big collector but do like to have a different one for each occasion, you should get a custom wine cellar made for a wall in your living room or your open kitchen. Wine walls add a lot of character to the overall look of the house and also become the focal point for everyone who visits.

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Spiral Wine Cellars

Spiral wine cellars are the latest trend in town. These cellars can hold up to 2000 wine bottles. With their cooling system, they are ideal for providing your wine with the right temperature and humidity to age and improve over time.
The best part of having a spiral wine cellar installed in your home is that you don’t need to designate a room or a wall for it. Most spiral cellars are installed underground, giving you room to store your drinks without compromising on your floor space.
Regardless of the type of cellar you choose, our suggestion would be to make a smart investment decision. Get yourself a custom wine cellar according to your available space and wine collection.

Should I Opt for a Custom Wine Cellar?

Ready-to-use wine cellars are not designed to fit every space. Investing in a wine cellar is itself a big step. Spending in a pre-made cellar that might not complement your space is a waste of your hard-earned money.
Understanding your wine tastes, and selecting the right cooling system to keep your wine safely stored is a necessity. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a spiral room or a wall cellar, getting them customised is the best way to get it done.
We recommend that you go for a custom-made wine cellar over the ready-to-fit ones any day.
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Why Hire Us?

Well, now that you are convinced to get a custom wine cellar, look no further.
Understanding your wine tastes, and selecting the right cooling system to keep your wine safely stored is a necessity. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a spiral room or a wall cellar, getting them customised is the best way to get it done.
Don’t worry, we will handle all the heavy-duty tasks too!

The prices depend on the type of cellar you choose. Prices may start from £8,000 and go up to £125,000 depending on the space and the type you wish to go with; getting a cellar custom made is the right way to go about it.

An average spiral cellar could cost you around £22,000 or more. A spiral wine cellar takes up the least space as compared to other cellars, so it may be the choice for you.

To regulate the temperature inside a wine room, you should get the cellar properly insulated and install cooling systems. Controlling temperature and humidity is the key to make the cellar do its job well.

Having stone as your cellar flooring is the best option, like marble or textured stone tends to stay cooler.

Wine cellars do add value to the overall residential property as they give a luxurious, chic look to the homestead. Different types of cellars elevate the look in different ways.

Yes. A wine fridge is designed and temperature controlled to suit your wine collection, making it a worthy investment. The controlled environment helps the wine to improve and age over time.